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First World War track to Mt. Fravort hike tour

This is a very interesting and rather wild trail which leads up to the top of Mount Fravort by way of Mount Oscivart: it is good for people with some experience in the mountains.

Get off at the last stop of the shuttle bus and take the forest track which runs uphill at first and then downhill to La Bassa locality (1830 m) and from here follow the indications for Mount Fravort. Upon reaching Pian Dei Cavai, the trail changes from being a typical mountain path and we find ourselves immersed in history: an old, stone, military mule track from the first world war, built for the transport of heavy equipment, traces of battle hidden by overgrown bushes.  Just as one begins to feel lost as if in an adventure, there’s a way up to the peak with its incredible panorama. You can then take the way down towards Panarotta and back to the point of departure.

Difficulty level
8 / 10
Total length
11.3 km
+ 699 m
- 689 m
Max height
2342 m
Min height
1765 m
02:30 hours
Aprile - ottobre
Drinking water
Non disponibile

Start your experience starting at high altitude!

From 4 June 2022 the transport service from Levico Terme – Vetriolo – Panarotta is active.